PST vs MTAC vs Siii vs Mark 4 for AR in .308


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Sep 29, 2012
Pearland, TX
After much research, head scratching, window shopping, etc., I've settled on these choices for a scope going on an AR in 308:

Vortex Viper PST 2.5-10x44
Sightron Siii SS 3.5-10x44
Burris MTAC 3.5-10x42
Leupold Mark 4 LR/T 2.5-10x44

What I'd like to know - based on your personal experience using any or all of the above - is whether any are more likely or less likely than the others to have any issues working well through:

2,000+ rounds fired (gotta know it will last a while)
High heat and humidity (Houston area gets >100 degrees F and >90% humidity with regularity during May-Sep)

It's not pertinent to the above, but based on responses I've seen to other specific questions it's gonna come up:

What am I shooting? Various ranges from 100 to 1,000+, target / fun / skill development in case of SHTF.

Why 308? - wanted 30-06 but it's tough to find in tactical auto loaders (no big bucks available for a Cobb MCR). 308 is reasonably cheap to shoot, has pretty decent range, and won't kick me or wife on *** (like 458 SOCOM probably would)

Why those scopes? - want fully tactical knobs, Mil Dot or similar calibrated ranging reticle that does not limit it's useful range (such as Z-600 does), SF or AO, 80+ MOA adjustment, keep max mag to 10x so mirage is not a major problem, need variable mag for FOV in case of near-CQB situation. I can appreciate what NF or USO offer, but am not in position now to go that expensive. As it is I am searching for used on the above. Yes, I've looked at Bushnell (only a couple ET have good MOA - for me that puts their design quality in question since they seem to have trouble getting >50 on most), IOR - SWFA - S&B - Hensoldt - PFI - Horus (pricey), Meopta - Nikon (low MOAs), Zeiss (like the glass, hate the ranging reticles). Others missed the cut for Made in China, no US warranty, glass (needs to be equal to or better than Leupold VX3 for my taste), and other things that led to "nah, don't wanna do that."

Why an AR? - for faster follow-up shots than a regular bolt action, and more flexibility than a BAR for future changes.
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