PRS Stock Problem Fix, Phase 1

stevegun 1

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Nov 8, 2007
My friend Jerry, has a beautiful new 6.5 Grendel with a PRS on it. While recently helping him (I sat, spotted, advised and kidded) break in the barrel he noticed something going wrong with his rear bag set up. The sliding cover on the bottom rear of the stock was moving forward during recoil.

Even though we were just "breaking in" the barrel, we were interested in seeing how well the Wolff 120 Gold would shoot during the process, pretty good as it turned out. Bench rest people know better than I how critical consistent bag set up is to accuracy.

I was surprised to find that a stock that cost as much as it does did not have a latch on the cover. This was the first PRS that I've seen up close.

The following is a small plunger assembly that I designed and built to hold the cover in place until one wants access.

I put a "through" hole in the "rail" on the bottom of the stock and this can bee seen on both halves of the stock with the plunger. Picture 1

This shows both halves reassembled minus the butt plate, cover about to close. Picture 2

Cover closed. Picture 3

Stock complete and reassembled. Picture 4

I glued th plunger into one half of the stock for security and ease of assembly. There's two changes I'll make to the next one. I hope you all enjoyed my project, I think Jerry is happy with the work. One needs a lathe and a mill to do this right, IMHO.

I believe this is a good place to "showcase" my solution to a problem that might not exist, but we/I couldn't get past the "cool" part of the idea. If someone would like this modification to there PRS let me know.


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