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Feb 11, 2004
I have an opportunity to buy a Remingon Model 700 short action rifle chambered in 308 Winchester. It has a factory brown laminated stock and has been rebarreled with a Krieger 28" barrel. It has a jewel trigger and a 6.5-20 power Leupold tactical scope in Leupold tactical rings and bases.It also has been pillar bedded. Today I watched its current owner shoot two 10 shot groups that measured about 1.5" at 200 yards. Is this a good deal at $1,250 and could it be rechambered effectively in 300 WSM? Please let me know your opinions. Thanks
Sounds like a good deal to me , even if it has been shot a few thousand times just have the shoulder set back .125" or so and the extra elngth of the WSM will make for a clean new throat to start eating on
and a 28" barrel will help get that little extra speed from the new case.
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