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Oct 25, 2002
..Man.. It ain't easy being flaky.. The Viper is sittin' in a stock waitin' for a barrel and the Python is still in the box waitin' on a barrel to show from Danno and a stock.. I just got back from finishing up deer season and I came to the conclusion that I don't like to sit in one place too long.. After thinking about it for a while this is also true for my 'hoggin.. I'm not sure if a "huge rifle" is the thing for me.. While I do have opportunities to 1.21 miles,the vast majority of the places I go max out around 750 or so.. I also seem to have an affinity for the Harris bi-pod.. Hard ta beat them little boogers for quick setup and take-down.. All ya need is a willingness to get yer belly dirty once in a while.. I know they're not the greatest thing for absolute accuracy,tho'..
. Question is.. What alternatives are there that would fit my style of hunting.? Targets are groundhogs,deer and crow, mostly under 750 with occasional "plinking" out to around 1K.. I'm not married to any particular case or caliber..
..Just thinking again.. JiNC
PS- I'm somewhat certain that one of S1's NightForces with an NP-R2 will be sitting atop this new trick..
Two questions
1st What is the viper bolt face dia and action length?
2nd What is the pythons bolt face dia and action length?

For bullet selection you cant beat the 30 cal selection, in a close second is the 7mm.
A few companies come to mind, Berger, Lost River, and Cautirico (sp?) that make fine custom bullets for the 7mm.
What case to use, well that depends on the action size and bolt face. I would consider using the Ultra series 30 cals or 7mm ultra, next on the list would be 7mm STW, 7/300 wby, or the short ultra/wsm series calibers.
Course barrel length will play an important roll in extended trajectories and seeing the benifits of such a long barrels.
My personal favorite is the 300 Tomahawk, I'm sure you've read the posts on it and seen its capabilities. I have built one and am still in the testing stages.
I also am fond of the 7mm STW as I have two and they are excellent rifles with custom bullets and handloads.
I also like the NXS for that matter any of the nightforce scopes.
My two cents.
Hey guys.. Thanks for responding..
I guess I coulda included such pertinent info.. Hehehe.. The Viper is a "short" action with the standard .308 boltface and the Python is a magnum "long" action(RB/LP/RE).. Both are single shot and I'm not married to either of these.. I DO know that I like the RB/LP type action, tho'.. I s'pose if needs be I could get a magnum bolt for the Viper from Jerry($450).. I do seem to have leanings t'wards the 7mm's.. Although I have a fresh 30-338 reamer on hand..

S1.. I'm sure I'll end up with more than one rifle outta this latest project before it's said and done.. Thanks for the help on the scope decision.. I'm still gonna get a Leopold later on to test the two sidexside..

.. What cartridge/bullet combos are compatible with the R2.?? SAAMI spec cartridges are probably gonna be just fine in reality.. I've had both and can't say for certain if I gained enough from the wildcats to justify the added effort and cost for my applications..

.. Have ya ever used your Harris with flat bottomed "BR" style stocks.?? I really like using the Harris and I've had great field accuracy with it.. I used a VSSF in 22-250 with a Harris and a Hot Seat bean bag for years on groundhogs out to just under 500 with great success..(Those 50gr VMax's got too squirrely around 500) The surface it sits on seems to be very important to accuracy with the bipods.. "Bouncy" or stiff surfaces seem to cause problems with heavier recoiling rounds.. The swivel models are key..
.. I'd like to keep it in the "light gun" class,I guess.. Although I do not intend to try competing with it..
.. If not for the bolt/port preferences I'd think I was describing a heavy rebuilt Sendero or something similar.. Maybe I just need to "get over it" with my bolt/port preferences..
When I shoot with one of my Harris bipods off of a rock or other such surface. I place my carhart jacket under the legs. It takes all of that nasty uneven bounce out of it.
Hello S1
Please tell us more about this anti torque muzzle break. Also how come so big of OD ?
I also have liked the info on the R2, how about 200 grn MK @ 3500 FPS or less? Also what plane is the lens on? is the 2MOA on 22 power and 1MOA on 11 power or is the etched reticule change with the power change staying at 2MOA at 11 power? I like the 2MOA idea and easy to hold for 1MOA between the lines. with a drop chart this is fast shooting out to 1.2K with out dialing.

P.S. What MOA base works best with the 5.5X22 NF ?

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