Project Rifle, what Caliber??

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Jun 10, 2007
I have been given the green light from my wife to get a new rifle this year. Kinda thinking of an HS Precision rifle, but not set on it. I'm hoping to set it up as a beanfield gun, specifically for shooting whitetails from 500 to 700 yards, from a bench. I can't decide on a caliber, trying to find the perfect combo of speed and performance, without breaking my bank. I had originally thought of a .30-378, but there may be something better suited to this task. I'd like enough down-range energy to kill with authority out to 700 yards. Any recommendations on caliber and loads?
.300 Ultra. Cheaper to load for than the Weatherby, and nearly identical in performance with barrels up to about 26 inches. As for loads, pick a bullet, then start developing. I use heavier bullets in mine as it is my elk rifle. mtmuley
It doesn't take a 30-378 weatherby to kill deer from 500-700 yards, hell I've killed a few between 500-600 with my "lowly" 25-06 remington...

I think you would be well served with a good 6.5 cal, say a 6.5-06, or any good 7mm. Make sure you use heavy for caliber bullets with good BC's and most any deer cartridge will get you to 600 yards.

The standard 270 remington w/140g AB or 150g NBT would work well on deer out to 800 yards. Similar calibers give similar results. My 7 RM is perfectly adequate with 140g NBT or 162g AMAX to 800 yards for deer..

Theres a pile of cartridge/bullet combos that could fit the bill to taking deer to 700 yards, but it doesn't take a magnum, or even a super magnum at that...

300 RUM is a little much gun for deer at those ranges, IMO. Been there, done that...
I can spend around $1600 without any additional whining. Currently I have a accumark 7mm STW. 100% factory, no tuning, no handloads, no nothing. It's wearing a zeiss diavari 3-12x56, and I have a Vari-X III 4.5-14x50 that I can switch to. It has much finer crosshairs. If I can tune up this rifle and save some $ that would be great. Don't have a clue where to start.
That 7MM Ultra will do all you want to do and then some. All you need is a quality range finder and a drop chart. Stock up on some 160 grain Accubonds and start practicing. A skim bedding job and adjust the trigger on that Accumark and you will be really surprized what one can do.
I'll throw in another vote for a big 7mm (STW, RUM, AM). Although the 300 RUM (or 30-378) will easily kill deer at these ranges, you sure don't need that much energy (or powder or recoil or etc).

If you want to get really wild then you might call Kirby about a 270 AM. This cartridge sounds like a perfect fit for what you want to do and it's a lot sexier than a 7 RM /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif.
I bet reminton 25-06 isnt saying its to much gun hes just stating that its not necessary unless you want it. I could be wrong though so I'll let him say.
300 RUM is not needed to kill deer up to 700 yards, period. There are a lot lesser calibers, that will be a lot easier on the wallet, shoulder, and whatever else have you, and will still kill 100% at that range. You just dont need a RUM for deer at those ranges is all I'm saying...

I've never believed in the work overkill, but if there was such a case, this could certainly be one of them...

Whats wrong with a 6.5-06 w/140g VLD, 270 win w/140-150g bullets, 7 RM with VLD's, 300 WM w/VLD's, among other 06" based cases and regular magnums that will do the job every time to 700 yards on deer??

Now if he was talking elk, yah I could see the 300 RUM, but for deer, no way...
"Currently I have a accumark 7mm STW. 100% factory, no tuning, no handloads, no nothing. It's wearing a zeiss diavari 3-12x56"

Take that 7 STW and stoke it with a 160g AB or 162g AMAX or 168-180g VLD, and you'll have a deer killing machine out to 1K, and you dont have to spend much more money doing so. A 30-378 aint gonna kill em any deader...
As Hired Gun said -your 7stw is plenty of gun.

Have a gunsmith go over it- check crown- tune the trigger- bed it and get some 180gr bergers -wala 700yd deer rifle !
Out of factory barrels the stw is pretty much on the heels of a 7 rum.
Spend your money on top notch rangefinders ,reloading dies,chronograph and longrange practice.
I have to +1 on having your 7 tuned up and going with that...unless you are looking for an excuse to buy another gun...hmmmm. Then whatever suits your fancy. As long as you have permission you might want to take advantage of the situation /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif. Since you have a great 7mm maybe a 6.5 or a big 30...hmmm decisions decisions. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif
With that kind of money to spend....get your self a Savage donor rifle (can be had for under $200...I see them all the time), a prethreaded and chambered barrel from a top end custom house (Sharp Shooter, PacNor, etc)...cost around $400 or less, aftermarket stock ($200-300) and trigger then you are ready to roll. You'll still have $$ left over for a LOT of stuff.

Cartridge...I'm suprised that no one has mentioned the 6.5-284 w/ 140gr VLD's.
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