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Dec 25, 2002
OK folks I've got on hand a Husky HVA action in Standard size thinking of a good walk about Whitetail/Pronghorn rifle in 6.5 cal. Has anyone done a wildcat on an 06 case with a 40* shoulder ?
Hay thanks for greetings Dave and the input from everone else. I am on board already as Thumper from Michigan but that is at my work terminal.Now next question; since this is a allround freezer filler gun do you encounter any feed problems with the 40* sholder? I may still go with a 6.5X284 but it is a full lenght action so I'm still undecided. At any rate I can get a 6.5 barrel on order, will most likely be shooting 140 gr. and lighter. What twist are you fellows useing?
I have a 6.5/284 with a 8.5 twist 28" long wish I had gone 30". I shoot the 142g SMK and 140 AMAX and I got a Prairie dog at 1040 Yards this year with it and shot rocks at 1200 meters. What range are you looking to shoot at deer size game?
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Since I'm an eastern hunter I'll probably get few shots on Whitetail over 500 I do get to max out my Bushnel on chucks.( I have a pet 6-284 that will do Burgers real fast and real tight .18) So keep in mind this is a walk about rifle. Yes I have been thinking about the 6.5WSM. Do you think they will give it factory birth or go off the WSSM .243? They are saying the .223WSSM is 200 fps faster than the 22-250 that sounds about 50 more than a swift.(At this point we all pay homage to the finest red mist generator of all time, the 220swift
) So bottom line is we want to stay under 8 LBS. san glass. I don't think I can put that many fluts in a 30" barrel.
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