New project!! .30 LR Rifle


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Nov 5, 2017
Hello boys.
I have the following project in mind, and I'd love to hear your thoughts/opinions, in order to make it happen:
Build custom Rifle to consistently hit approximately 1000-1400y, based on .30 cal, and heavy for the caliber bullets: 220-250gn, G1 .700+ BC.
It does not matter the final weight of the rifle (target use mainly), nor the budget, nor the barrel life, if I can shoot more than 1000 is enough.
I have the following components that I would like to take advantage of:
- Trued R700 LA action.
- Jewell trigger
- PTG one piece bolt, with M16 extractor, custom fited to the action. (. 550 "bolt face).
- Badger 20MOA steel pic rail.
- Mcmillan Adj. Game Warden. Action bedded perfectly. Has pillars installed. Supports up to 1.25 "OD barrels. I could buy a chassis, but to start I think it would be ok.
- BDL hinged floor plate. I could put a DBM if necessary.
- more than 1000 220gn ELDX bullets, but that is not conditioning, because I can use them in other rifles. I would like to see them fly at more than 3000ps.
- Several pounds of H1000, but that is not conditioning either.

The components that I should buy:
- Barrel. I thought of a Straight 1.25" OD, 1: 8 Twist, 32"+ long, or the one that arises from the debate ...
- and optical, but does not enter this discussion.

The great question:
Which .30 cartridge to use?
- 300win mag ?, I'm bored with this one, but I have Redding custom dies / shell holders and all the case prep tools, etc.
- 300 RUM?
- 30 Sherman magnum?
- 30 Nosler? (.534" case head)
- 300 Norma Magnum? (need new bolt, .590 ")
- Another 300 ?, I hear you ...

Thank you very much for any valuable contribution you can make.


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Dec 25, 2016
SE Idaho
My smith was just trying to talk me into one he has built many of over the last 30 years.....
But I went with another 65284....
He did talk me into trying a brake on my new rifle...
And felt recoil was about a third....might end up getting one for this rifle...since I plan to shoot it a lot....


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Nov 5, 2017
Probably need another bolt face but I’d go with the 30-378 route. With the barrel length you have mentioned you should easily reach your 3000 mark. I would think that it would handle those bullet weights easily enough also .
I would change the bolt but for a more efficient cartridge than the 30-378, perhaps the 300Norma mag, or something similar, and that will give me a greater barrel life margin, and with less powder, obtain the same speed / accuracy . What I have read about the 30-378 is that you have to be extremely careful with cleaning and avoiding excessive heating (as with other cartridges), but I don't feel like cleaning the barrel after every shot in the field. I initially discard this cartridge


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Dec 22, 2019
30 Sherman is super efficient. Not sure if efficiency makes any difference in your decision.

But that brings up a necessary question for you to answer Velvet: Does the potential for fire forming brass turn you away? Or are you ok with fireforming for this project, if necessary?

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