Project finished 300 ultramag


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Jun 11, 2004
Arnegard North Dakota
Finally completed Rem 700 300 UM bedded in a McMillan A-4 (black & olive marble) adjustable stock, vais muzzle brake, HS Precision bottom metal, BO oversized knob, trued and lapped. IOR 20moa base with TPS rings and SS 16x scope, ready for the range hopefully this weekend for break in and load work.
Nice gun
What can you say when plan comes together? I've been looking at the high BC bullets out of Idaho. What's the barrel length?
26" PSS barrel with threaded muzzle for brake. Using 91 grains of H100, Fed Primes in Rem brass with SMK 220gr. First shots fired went .25 for a 5 shot group and stayed under .5. Went to 650 yds for last go round and stayed under 4" but I think it will do better (adjusting trigger down to 3# from 4.5#)than that if I do my part.
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