Problems with a simmons scope


May 6, 2007
Never had a scope sound like that but I think being a Simmons has something to do with it. I'm sure Simmons has their place but not on top of a rifle I'm going to depend on to make a shot at a living animal. The Stevens should group better than that. I'd try a different scope.
call simmons,I`m sure they will make it good,I have always had good experence with them,may take them a while but they should make it good.
I called simmons today. They said that the ringing of the scope was normal. My dad has had a simmons scope on his rifle for the last 10-15 years and it holds zero just fine. According the reviews on midway I guess I am the only one that has had a problem with it.

I am debating on re-shooting the gun to make sure it wasn't me causing the problems, if it still groups poorly, i'll throw it on a 22 and see if it still has problems...if groups open up vs. irons that should be proof enough. I guess then I just have to decide if it is worth the 20 bucks in shipping for a 100 dollar scope.
I have the same scope that I picked up a few years ago and still haven't put on anything. I was planning to use it for my "cheap 7mm build," but am starting to lean towards putting something else on it since I think I may actually use it for something other than paper.
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