Premier Heritage Scopes


Dec 21, 2009
Greetings all,

I'm shopping for a good long-range tactical/hunting scope. I like the scaling benefits of a FFP scope, and that took me in the direction of Premier Heritage. However, they are bigtime steeply priced. If a fellow is going to drop that kind of cash, the scope would have to be right there with the best of them, like S&B.

I'd priced the 5-25x56, and found the distributors are saying that they're selling them out before they come into their shops.

Do we have any skinny on the scope in terms of how it compares to NF, USOptics, or S&B? Any tales of deficiencies?

In short, are they worth the bucks, or could the same money buy a better scope?

Thanks for your thoughts,

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Go over to for an evaluation. From what I've read they are as good or better than some you mentioned evidenced by the fact they were awarded the USMC as well as other government agency/military contracts.
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