Need some help - Premier Heritage?


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Apr 25, 2014
I need some advice here...My brother in law has a premier scope and raves about it. I still haven't decided what to put on my 270wby (APR built for me) and I found a Premier Light Tactical 3-15x50 with mil adjustments and mil dot reticle. Was wondering if anyone had any experience with them or could give me an idea of the glass quality vs swarovski, zeiss?

I believe it's around 24 oz, so comparable with a zeiss hd5, and all the reviews I've read say it has really nice glass. If anyone has experience with them at all, I really appreciate your input. Thanks


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Dec 4, 2008
East Central SD
I don't have a LT....but I do own (2) 5-25X Gen 2XR's. If you're concerned about glass quality.....don't be. These have glass that compares favorably to any of the top tier scopes. I recently purchased a Kahles K624i AMR.....and the Premier's glass is slightly better than the Kahles.....which is part of terms of clarity and color rendition according to what my eyes prefer.

I think you'd find the glass to, at a minimum, compete very favorably with European top tier scopes or scopes with HD glass from NightForce or Vortex. I think you will find opinions on any top tier scopes that range the full spectrum. There are subtle differences that become very subjective. The main theme is.......these scopes tend to have superior internals, glass and coatings. My Premier's, according to my eye, have better glass/coatings than my NightForce NXS, NightForce Benchrest, Vortex Viper PST FFP 6-24x and any of the Sightron S III scopes I own.

If you can find a decent deal on a Premier LT 3-15x.......I would not hesitate to purchase it if it fits your needs. Top notch glass / coatings, reticle, internals and built like a tank. It will serve you for many, many years.


You might get mixed reviews from Sniper's Hide on this subject. There were some hurt feelings with how Premier rolled out their products and pricing structure......also some hurt feeling with how they handled a prominent dealer and the MAP pricing. But I can attest.....the product is excellent.


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