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Jun 8, 2004
Just released this new video...It's an in-depth product review of the Premier Heritage 5-25x56mm Tactical Scope....It's been hard to keep this item on the shelf.

Click Here To See Video:Premier Heritage 5-25x56mm Tactical Rifle Scope

Looks very nice. Odd that they'd leave off the parallax markings.

And what's up with the opening sound clip? Almost sounds like a close air support strike or something.
Good video and informative. I agree, and don't like the pop up tab either.
I'm sure they're very nice in fact may be the best. But not $3000 nice to me. I could have a rifle built for that. But I'm not in LE either. If my life depended on a scope than I would have no problem paying it. I just want a very good and reliable scope to hunt with. On a side note I'd love to know what the actual cost is to build these scopes.
I do not know the actual cost to build one but I'm sure it is high. They glass is comes from Germany and is extremely clear, the quality of the material is top shelf, and they part are like a fine watch.

But if you are looking for a hunting scope we can do anything you would like.

Mike @ CST
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