Please help with $500 ish scope


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Nov 13, 2005
Ok, sorry for posting another thread like this. I have NXS's and mk4's on all my guns, and really like those optics, but I'm trying to help a friend get into long range shooting and $500ish is his budget.

I know about the higher end optics, but not too much about quality variable scopes with turrets on the cheap.

long range to this guy is 500 yds, so a lot of internal adjustment is not super crucial. i was thinking about maybe trying to find a decent used leupold and just send it back to leupold to have them put a turret on it, and then go from there. he wants to be able to dial. i will be helping figure his drops and confirm them.

i would like to hear your input on this, as i value it greatly.
thanks again guys
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CDNN has the Kahles 3X10X50 with multizero for $599. Now that they have a new US presence....this is a great buy.
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