Planning for 2010


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Oct 20, 2009
Looking at going to wyoming for 2010 for antelope and deer. I am looking at antelope unit 25 and deer unit 22 since they over lap and seasons are at the same time. Can anybody tell me if they know of a good website that has maps of public land so I don't havev to buy a bunch of maps of units with no land access.
Thanks for any help.


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Nov 26, 2009
Clinton Twp, Michigan
Morning Mike, This is my very first post,,, whoohooo. Actually My friend and I are looking at doing the same thing, my question is, is that licence a draw hunt or over the counter tag? Do u plan on using an outfitter? We would like to have a guided hunt since my buddy is siaabled from a motorcycle accident. ANy suggestions there?

Hope your planning goes well, look at the book maps for each county, that's what I did for a North Dakota duck hunt. Each page has roads contour and state game areas...



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Jan 6, 2008
I too am looking to antelope hunt next year. I have hunted Montana for over 25 years and there are lots of goats in some areas. Other spots are over-hunted.

But the spot I'm trying to draw in is all privately owned and I have access to about 50,000 acres there. So I'll see how the draw goes.

Good luck in the draws,


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Jan 12, 2008
new jersey
I can personally advise you of an outfitter in area #25 around the Glen Rock,WY.,wgich is run buy Pete and Bob Woeck. This is Sage Creek Outfitters,307 436 5565. Excellent muledeer&antelope,100,000 acre land access,good food&camphouse. Easy terraine&see game every day. Archery or gun. Dskiper


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Jul 14, 2009
Northern MN
Go to Maptrails They can supply you with a CD with a map of the whole state with all public and private land including state & BLM lands....
This CD cost me around $50 5 years ago and is probably a little more now but it is an invaluable tool when it comes to planning a trip....Fully printable with color and TOPO is included....GPS coordinates are there a must when hunting the western states (there are no warnings for trespasssing in WY).....They also have maps available for other states such as MT.....

In my opinion it would be hard to plan a hunt without it......The BLM maps are good if you order them from the BLM but at $4 a piece it would cost you a fortune for the whole state and the CD has them all....

If I remember right deer 22 is one of the most difficult areas in WY to find public access as well as deer 158 and antelope 26.....I am not sure about A25....Really check this closely unless of course you are planning on using an outfitter

Good luck with your planning and hunt,


P.S. I hunted area 30 in 2008, close to Glenrock, lots of antelope, some public land, I got lucky and drew an HMA permit so I shot my buck on private land....This past season my oldest son and I hunted A21 and we both harvested decent bucks on BLM land....There are lopes everywhere but the larger blocks of public land do see quite a bit of pressure for both antelope and deer...The trick I believe is finding access to smaller chunks of public land....The WY Game and Fish site is very helpful when making hunt plans.....

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