Planing Next Years WY Antelope Deer Trip


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Oct 20, 2009
Hey Guys,
I am starting the planning for next years trip want to go on a deer and antelope trip to WY I haven't put in for any preference points so starting with none. Can anybody offer any advice or tips on what zone to put in for with a good chance to get drawn on first draw. I would like to deer hunt and antelope hunt while we are there not looking for monsters by anymeans just some decent bucks.
As a rule of thumb, the more public land available, the tougher the draw odds. So, the easiest zones to draw have mostly or all private lands. You'll need to put in time finding a place to hunt.

There is a ton of info on wyoming game and fish website about draw odds and hunter success rate. Spend some time there and you will learn most of what you need to know about putting in for Wyoming.

This year I put in for zones with lots of public, but didn't get drawn for a buck tag. However, I still went hunting with my 2 doe/fawn tags. Next year I'll have a point and I'm that much wiser about Wyoming antelope hunting...
How did you do on your Doe/fawn hunt and did you try for Ant. also, I have some points but really want to go hunt something first before I use my points, I think I have 3 for Ant. and like a idiot I didn't put in for Deer, but would like to check out the area first. Let me know what your hunt went like....Ray
I am from Wyoming and I don't know exactly how the out of state draw is run, but as far as sear numbers and size. You can't beat Cambell County, or Gillette, Wyoming. I work out in the oil and gas field and I spend 10 hours aday running around all over North East Wyoming. This year was one of our best years for antelope. I got the chance to take one over 70 inches on public land. I only two days to hunt, there were many nice bucks to look over.

I would tell you area 23 is a good area, which is along the west side of Gillette and it runs out to the powder river. It's a large area with lots of public land. I know a guy could pick up a few buck tags and at least 4 doe tags. This year there were many left over tags that could be purchased over the counter by out of state hunters, doe and buck, and for nearly every area. If by some rare chance you don't draw a antelope tag, check with Game & Fish and ask them how many additional tags are left over. You can almost always purchase these after the draw. I think now you can even do it online.

Public land deer is another subject, the best chance at killing a large mule deer on public land is going to be in your special draw area offering only a few tags. There are some really good areas around Laramie and Jackson Hole but your going to have horses to get to them areas. It's all in what your looking for. There are alot of public areas in the North East and South West Wyoming.

I only have knowledge of the North East, for mule dear the later in the season the better. Which doesn't really work good for doing a combo hunt. The Black Hills of Eastern Wyoming are great because Muleys don't get near the pressure, every one is out to kill a Whitetail. If you have any questions feel free to drop me a email [email protected] I always like to help other hunters out.
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