Pics of My RUM and Mystic


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Jul 27, 2001
If this works, there will be pictures of my new RUM (natural wood stock) and 6.5 Mystic (red stock, black action/barrel) project rifles. The RUM is built on a P14 action and the Mystic on a P17. Both have been converted to cock on opening w/speedlock, tuned triggers, and shimed scope bases.

The 6.5 Mystic is my attempt at maximizing the 308 case for the 6.5cal. My intent is designing a BR rd suitable for 1000yd/m shooting. It is throated long for the 140gr SST/MK. The cartridge OAL is 3.00". Only in the initial load development stages but looks promising (under 1/2 MOA so and getting smaller).

The RUM has a 35" barrel and throated for the 240gr MK. Initial testing w/H870 show promise but hot weather has been causing a lot of stringing. The cooler fall weather and a change in powder should eliminate this problem. So far, the action seems strong enough to hold up this barrel but may play with support if stringing continues.

It now weighs 25lbs and has mounting for an additional 15lbs of ballast. Recoil is a firm push. Looking forward to getting this rig dialed in for 2000m shooting.

The mystic weighs 15lbs and with the ballast is like shooting a 22LR. Very nice.

If the pics don't show up, they are for viewing under mysticplayer.



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]hunt 101[/URL]
]hunt 101[/URL]
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