Pics. of my new gun......


Mar 6, 2002
Central Minnesota
I finally finished my T/C Encore. It is a .300 Win. Mag. with a Weaver V-24 scope and Warne rings and bases. Soon the gun will have a muzzle brake. The stock is a Boyd's Laminate.


Feel free to post pics. of your guns!! I would like to see some of the equipment you guys are shooting!!!
Savage shooter, Not fair dude, seriously nice rig. who built it, bbl length, bbl maker, you know the drill.
Iv'e been thinking something very close on the 308 Baer. VVCG. How does it shoot LR.
300 Win. Mag. on an Encore with NO really got a pair, dontcha????

My Encore is quite tame in comparison. I've only got the one barrel for it far any how. It's a Bullberry 17 Mach IV 22" long with Bullberry wood also. Shoots really good with the 3-9x50 Leupold on it. Got my only coyote this year with it on Thanksgiving morning.


Does really nice on groundhogs to about 250 yards and PD's to 400. Great fun walking the perimeter of a PD town with this little number.

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Looks like a very sweet rig! You should be able to reach out and touch some stuff with that...This is what I currently hunt with, it is a CZ 527 "varmint", comes with a medium heavy bbl, H-S stock, single set trigger, and a few other little goodies, chambered in .223 Rem. I'm in the process of raising funds for a custom Remington 700 in .308 so that I can pop pasture pigs up to 1000 yards away...I simply CAN NOT WAIT...

The .223...


Ric is helping me with the rifle project as I am still VERY new to the world of long-range shooting, and shooting in general. I got started into "serious" shooting about two years ago, and with nobody in my family that does any kind of hunting other than an uncle who is the ".30-30 at 50 yards, every year." type, I really appreciate the help. Things are kind of tough for a student just starting the LR game, but it is a "fun" kind of tough!


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Boomer(50BMG) & Thumper(375BMG)

Criter Getters 22-250 8twist,223VT,24"Bull Colt 223 & a NE in 223

15" 454Casual,223,708 & a 24" 20ga
Nice unit!You may want to bed the butt stock to the action,the 454C & 20ga slugs have ben hard on the pistol & both rifle stocks as well as haveing to replace the the mounting screw & nut asembly a few times(bedding the stocks solved the problems).
Lee in OH
Was sure surprized!For a bull barrel that MachIV of yours sure balances Sweet.Would be nice to add a barrel similar to it someday but prairie dogs at a mile have all fund tied up at the moment.Hows the not so ugly Savage doing?
Good start!Talking to Ric can be hazzardous to your wallet
,kinda nice of Ric to help you along the way.
Get off the computer-take the guns off the carpet & get some trigger time in!!!
No problem!Barrel arrived today,I'll bring the BMGs along on the 25th=CJ
Elwood...I guess I'll have to pack the Mach IV when I head to Punxy in about a month or so.

Mach V...That Encore is the cats *** in the late afternoon when the wind lets up. PD's at 300, point and shoot....POP!!!!!! The not so ugly Savage (.264) is giving me a hard time, it's going to take a little longer than I had figured to whip it into submission. The other not so ugly Savage (.223) has been turned into a .22-250 for the purpose of bustin' balloons in KY in May. I'll need to do some load development for it when I put it back together. Wanting to shoot the 50 grain TNT's in SD this summer. The almost 1,000 rounds I have left from last year shoot about 1.25" at 100...not what I'm after. I'm going to pack them anyways, just in case they're needed by anyone. Heard from Cliff????
Thanks for the kind words Halfbreed!! Hey if you cal VVCG, talk with Steve Stratton- he is a real nice guy to deal with!! The barrell is a factory T/C barrell in 26". This is the first Encore I have owned and figured I would get used to it before spending the money on an aftermarket barrell. The stock is a Boyd's laminate. I am going to have a brake put on it this summer. I shot it and it didn't seem to kick too bad. Course that might change shooting 10 rounds in 5 minutes! Well worth it for the fun of shooting though IMO!!

Here are pictures of a couple of my many Savages!
This one is a 112BVSS topped with a Weaver T-36 and a SSS trigger. It is a .22-.250.
And this one is my 110FP .223 topped with a Weaver V-16 also with a SSS trigger. You probably notice that I like Weaver scopes!! I love all these guns. I will probably photo all my other guns some time and post them, but these three are my favorites!!

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My Newest toy....

243 Ackley Imp. (.271) NK Chamber Reamer from Dave Manson which is throated .075 for the 105 VLDs
Farley “S” action and Farley 30mm rings.
2 Krieger 8" twist 28.5" HV,& Lilja 8” twist 29” HV
Jewell Trigger.
Leupold 18x40 LR boosted & 1/16 MOA dot on 40x by Premier Reticles
Dave Bruno did the Chambering of the barrels.
I did the stock work and the Sikken Viper Race Yellow Paint and clear
Jewell 1.5oz BR trigger. Bat Machine Stainless Trigger guard
Shehane McMillan ST-1000 stock from Bill Shehane (D&B Supply)
Shehane TRACKER polished billet aluminum buttplate
Weight 16.5 lbs.

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If you like PURPLE, here you go. Woodchucks HATE this rifle


Here is another view


Stolle Panda Action, right bolt, left port
McMillan "Hunter Class" graphite stock
Jewel Trigger, 1lb, with safe inside the trigger gaurd
Hart S/S match grade barrel, .850" at the muzzle, 26" long
Kelby 30mm rings
Swarovski 6 to 24 X 50 Target Scope
22 CHeetah MK 1
Push a 52gr bullet at 4200 FPS

As soon as I kill a deer (hopefully within the next week) I will be out after "chucks" again. We killed 98 last summer.

Shaky, that rig is out of hand, my man!!!
Wicked colors though, I had a flash back looking at that purple!!!
Do the chucks get hypnotized before you shoot 'em???...good job.....sakofan..
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