Pics of my son sighting in.


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Sep 23, 2003
This is his first time carrying my rifle to the field and he was getting the hang of the scope before going to the prairie dog town down the trail.
Just to introduce myself this is a pic of me and junior , my mule:
I am a new guy here. I am a die hard hunter now that I am out of the military finaly (15 years) and finaly have time for it. We hunt on a 8000 acre ranch for prairie dogs, hogs and birds. No deer season in this county but I may get drawn for a antelope if I get lucky. Besides we still got deer in the freezer from last year. My son is ten years old and has been hunting beside me since he was in diapers. Just whisper hunting to him in a dead sleep and he is out of the bed like a recruit in boot camp with a trashcan upside his head. He has been shooting highpower rifles for about 3 years and competing in trap the same time. He now has an fal that I accurized a little bit and wants to compete with it. He is good enough with my sniper to hit prairie dogs easily at 500 yards so he is off to a good start. Anyone else getting their kids into the woods lately? I think It is the best thing in the world for them. Sure beats video games and cartoons.

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I know what it's like to be a proud dad. Last year my boy - who's new to hunting - shot his first elk at 225 yrds with our .3006 Savage. It droped in it's tracks.

That was a proud day for both of us. He's been talking about it ever since.

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