parallax question

John Baer

Sep 2, 2002
For you guys who shoot up to 1000yd is parallax adjustment required on say a 3-12X scope? or only on higher power scopes? I dont want to have to deal with alot of things while hunting. I want to go with a Swarovski 3-12X if parallax isn't important. If it is a big deal I'm considering:
Leupold vari XIII 8.5-25
Zeiss conquest 6.5-20X
But would like to keep it as simple as I can. I eventually want a scope where I can range find a animal dial in the distance then hit the mark. Thanks for all info and sugestions John
The Swarovski is not in the same league as the Leupold LR scopes, particularly now that the 2003 models have the MK4 turrets on them. You are talking apples and oranges. Not sure about the Zeiss but believe it is a 1" tube which would probably restrict available elevation latittude. Darryl C. is a strong proponent of the 8.5-25 and he certainly knows what works - that particular scope was previously built with a 40mm objective but has recently been increased to a 50mm front end.
Check out the four Leupold LR M1 scopes, they are in the tactical section and very nice. Also Nikon is about to deliver 2.5-10 and 4-16 tacticals which will also do what you require. Although a bit more money you should also consider the Nightforce NXS scopes as they are superb, particularly the 3.5-15x50 or 56mm. Several guys here are shooting NXS and they are happy, look at the NP-R2 reticle.
As for parallax, these scopes all have a third turret to handle parallax quickly. We look at that turret as a fine focus as much as anything and it is definitely required for long shots.
If you want to laser the critter and then crank on the required elevation and windage you are best served with a scope that has turrets, they are designed for that specific task.
Good luck. You will find that optics are almost as important as the rifle in this game. Once you settle on a scope you will have to decide which mounts to buy, and it goes on and on, but that is all part of the fun.
Parallax adjustment will be necessary if you are going to higher magnifications. If this is a stand or bench rifle, then more mag the better. Will give you options if you need to thread the surroundings to your trophy.

However, depending on the size of game, high magnification is not always necessary. Scopes with good optics, a 10X is very useable on large game at long range.

This is how I have set up my hunting rifles. My walk about '06 uses a B&L 4000 in 2.5X10 with turrents. Gives me the field of view for "normal" hunting ranges and the 10X for long range stuff. Personally limiting this rig to 700yds, however the optics are capable of putting the cross hairs on a deer at 1000yds.

I have a 30 Gibbs that is still portable but mostly for clear cuts and some LR pokes from the truck. This wears a B&L 6X24 with turrents and will go as far as I can range with my Leica 800( about 950yds).

I would suggest against a scope that needs an AO if you are planning on still hunting with it. I have missed game when the scope was put on too high a mag and forgotten or the image was out of focus. For my still hunting rifles, simple is best.

Leupolds have a strong following on this board. Other worthy scopes are Baush&Lomb Elites, Nikon, IOR/Valdada, Tasco Super Sniper, and even some Russian stuff.

Always look through your scopes before buying. You will find that some brands just don't look right. For me, this is several Leupold models. My eyes seem to like Japanese glass better.

A scope is more important then the rifle. You can't hit what you can't see. You can always adjust your aim.


Another option is if you have a Leopold scope, they will change it's parallax free distance setting to any range for you if you are shooting out farther,I think Leopold or Premier Reticle both do this for pretty cheap. My 3.5-10 VXIII is pretty good to 5 and 600 yds but it starts to get worse after this. I have to keep my eye pretty centered to minimize it, and at 800-1000yds it's very noticable. I think they come from the factory set parallax free at 200 yards and work real good to 500 with that setting. If I were to optimize mine I think 600 yards would be a pretty good parallax free distance for shooting to 1000 yds. I do most of my shooting at 300 yds and out so parallax wouldn't be too bad here or at 1000 I'd think.

One side note, Leopold will give you more options han most down the road if you want to change "some" things on your scope, especially if you start with their LR scope.

One thing I don't like about my NF scope is having to mess with the parallax adjustment while hunting, when you have the time to adjust it's not that big of deal though.
I went with the NF NXS 3.5x15x50 with the NP-R2 reticle.

I liked it because it gives me the ability to quick range (I always pre-range the general area with the laser first) and also I can dial in different zero points.


I can holdover with the reticle too!

Dial-in and holdover.....its like the old reeses peanut buter cup commercials where the chocolate meets the peanut butter and everybody is happy!
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