Palmetto State Armory, poor customer service.


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Apr 7, 2011
My wife ordered a Geissele SSA trigger as a Christmas gift for our son from Palmetto State Armory. He told her he wanted the SSA-E trigger but she ordered the SSA. This week my wife contacted Palmetto State to arrange for an exchange.

Gabrielle in PSA customer service replied in an e-mail recommending that we contact the manufacturer for information about their warranty/repair programs.

We responded, that this was not a warranty or repair issue. We ordered the wrong trigger and it was still in the original box and that we merely wanted to exchange it for the SSA- E trigger.

Palmetto State's last e-mail response was "Unfortunately, it is past the 30 day window for returns. Thanks for choosing Palmetto State Armory."

My wife called Palmetto State by phone and received no satisfaction.

So there you are! Order your equipment from a classier company!

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