Painted my Varmint/Coyote gun

Md 25v

Mar 15, 2009
I wanted to try my hand at camouflaging one of my guns. I picked one of my Savages, a mod12 in 22-250. This has always been a strange gun to me. I bought it as a .308 about 8 years ago and used it for long range target shooting. I didn't handload then and usually shot Fed Gold Medal Match 168gr BTHP ammo and the gun shot about .7-.75 MOA with the factory stock and a Leupy VXII 4-12 scope. This was a budget gun from the beginning and it worked great for what it was. I had a ballistic calculator in my PDA and the gun was easy to shoot at 500 yards, which is the longest place I had access to. Anyway, my second term in the Army ended and I decided I wanted to start hunting again. I didn't have any interest in deer hunting at that point because deer in the east (I'm in Md) are very overpopulated and they are easy to shoot. Public land is often overcrowded during the short two week deer firearm season and I don't want to see other people when I'm hunting. I decided that I would start coyote hunting. There are not many people that specialize in predator calling around here but the challenge is what drew me to it. I still remember the first yote I shot. That .308 :) near tore him in half at 110 yards. There was no pelt left, just a mass of bloody fur and red jello. I sent the gun to Savage to have the barrel switched to 22-250 so that I could use it better as a varmint gun. The 22-250 was a great choice and has served me well. While it was out I purchased a Mueller Eraticator scope to finish off my "new" budget varmint gun. Now, I have settled on using my AR15 for close to med range calling, out to 200 yards or so and the 22-250 is left behind unless I'm going to be shooting longer ranges and staying in one place. The 26in bbl and the heavy choate stock (I used to use the gun for benchrest and the USS stock is actually quite good for that) make this one heavy rig and I certainly wouldn't want to carry it any great distance. I was shooting at a 300 yard range last week and when I walked out to retrieve my targets I noticed that the deep blue finish on my gun shined in the sun like a mirror. That's not a good feature when your trying to shoot one of the craftiest animals in the woods. I stopped off at the walmart on the way home and picked up some spray paint in camo colors. I wanted a simple but effective camo that would be well suited to both mountains and field edges. This is what I came up with on my first try. I think it should blend well to the terrains that I hunt in.

i really like what youve done there i wanted to put my custom cammo job up too but you i cant put a pic off the computer up here it has to be online first. but i can describe it i have a savage 93 xp cammo mossy oak brush and i added my own custom made rifle rag that isnt like the off the shelf ones everytime im at the range all i here is "whoa where did you buy that who makes it?" i can smugly reply i made it, its a grown up version of look mom no hands!
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Savageman- That sounds really cool. You should go to and sign up for a free account. I'de love to see some pics.
I also would LOVE to see the paint job.
I do like the paintjob Md 25v but it isnt really suited to my coyote/prairie dog environment. What did you use for your paint? I am ordering a 4oz tube of Desert Sand Cerakote this weekend to use as a base coat on my .243 WSSM AR-15 and I plan to use some other colors of Duracoat for the detail work. Hopfully I will have pix up asap. but here is WHY it needs the paint job.


I used Krylon matte camo spray paints from walmart. Matte black, OD, tan, and brown.

Nice Ar hunting rig. I have a custom made 243wssm upper I got last year by Mike Milli, Actually got it used on another forum. Where did you get yours? I'm waiting for my next upper from Mike but the Wait is Killin me.
:) here are the pics thx a million for the photo bucket tip, and the fuzzy stuff doesnt get in the way of the action or the scope i love it gun)
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i used all glaced cotton thread so it wont decay when wet, without giving away all my secrets i can tell you i used 3/4 in wide shoelace made of polyester synthetic fibre, also it is completely removable i used no glue i used the swivel studs and my bipod to secure it. and i used 8 different colors of thread to get a universal cammo pattern . i double looped all the thread so they wont be pulled out if snagged on a twig or something, i dont want to leave a thread trail, even though a gopher wont be tracking me through the woods. The whole thing took about 10 -12 hours to do over a 2 week period i have also made a pair of shooting gloves also heres the pic, the glove took about 6 hours to complete i am proud of it, let me know what ya think :)
I used Krylon matte camo spray paints from walmart. Matte black, OD, tan, and brown.

Nice Ar hunting rig. I have a custom made 243wssm upper I got last year by Mike Milli, Actually got it used on another forum. Where did you get yours? I'm waiting for my next upper from Mike but the Wait is Killin me.

I custom built mine with out of Colorado. Kinda spendy but have a GREAT MOA guarantee as well as a plethora of options. My upper is .936 under the forarm, about .920 under the gas block and i think about .900 at the muzzle 24" long and great to shoot...especially with a suppressor. Gotta love being able to use a can on big game.
holy crap that goes looks so BADASS :D i really like the tan accents, your right it does stick out like a sore thumb in a the prairie environment even with the net it doesnt quite work. the picture looks like a small bit of bunched up straw has a really big gun, i dig the guille suit by the way,

I do have a tip for you when you paint it before i did the cammo on my gun i bought a UTG bipod wich was black. My gun has a mossy oak brush pattern all over i bought it like that its the savage 93 xp cammo. so i painted the bipod and the mount with testors model paint and got it to basically match my gun, you may know that probably wasnt the best chioce of paint, so i used some 2 dollar lowes brand clearcoat, dont buy super gloss buy the regular stuff the cheaper the better, you dont want a good thick coat so its shiny, i lightly dusted my bipod with the clear, enough to cover it and water/oil proof the paint, it turned out great a flat/satin finish and the paint wont chip off or smear when oil hits it.

when you are painting i would hold the can like a foot and a half away from what you are trying to paint ( for the clear only). for colors follow the directions on the can
while you spraw the clear you will be able to see small droplets, smaller than the size of this period. build up like dew on a finely waxed car in the morning, when the gun is covered with "dew" let it set for a bit check it touch up any spots you need to and your done.
i didnt tape the picatinny mount for the bipod off, i cant see any problem with the little bit of paint that is in the mount for my bipod. the gun sits perfectly level i checked

however if you are going to take your scope off to paint i would tape the mounts off hope this helps good luck
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