Optimum bullet for 340 WM 1000 YRD?


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Dec 8, 2009
I have a 340 WM , 26" barrel, and always shot 225 NP, iI am trying to get up to date and want this to be my LRG for elk mainly. Is the 250 gr the best choice for energy too balistics, the 300 seems to large for this case , Thanks bullet choices?
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I'd be thinking about the 250 grain Berger VLD. It hasn't been released yet. Promised soon. I've looked at it on JBM and it has an estimated G7 BC of 0.390. I think that is a little better than the 300 SMK. Do believe the Berger will make the 340 class guns a 1000 yd elk round.
That's the G7 BC, not G1. That's what comes up on JBM when you pick the Berger 250 VLD and it's credited as Litz estimated. The 0.390 comes up on the top of the results page. When I ran the 300SMK vs the 250 Berger VLD under the same conditions and starting velocity, the Berger got to 1000 yds with slightly more velocity. So the G1 BC is probably in the vicinity of 0.8??

Now this is all estimated and the bullet hasn't been produced yet. But for the mid case capacity 338s, this looks like the better bet over the Berger 300 VLD, the 300 SMK, or most 250 grain bullets now available. If you can get at least 2800 fps with the 250 Berger VLD, you will be near 1000 yds potential in my estimation. You'd be in the same ballpark as the Edge shooting the 300 SMK in terms of remaining velocity and wind drift.
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Now thats what I'm LOOKING for, would 250 NAB be a good choice? Any time frame on 250 berger
The 338 Bergers are due soon. Been hearing that for a while so maybe we can have something ready for our setup by next fall. Maybe it's just me but I think the 250 Berger and a cartridge about the size of the 340 WM sounds interesting in a carry weight gun. Even the 338 WM will have pretty good reach with that pill. The 338 Norma mag would work with either the 250 or 300 Berger in a 24-26 inch barrel at a fairly light weight. But to me in a carry weight gun the 340 Weatherby would be about right.

I'm not thinking 1000 yds with my carry wt rifle. It's very hard to be that accurate with a 9-10 lb rig, at least for me. But it's nice to know that I can reach beyond 400-500 if need be.
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That is what Im trying to do, upgrade my 20 yr.old 340. Work up a better long range load, a IOR 3-18X42 IS ON MY WISH LIST, lower power because I hunt in grizz country alot, saw 9 first 2 days out. Shot my first 6x6 with it back then,been a good tool
The 340 wby will easily reach to 1000 yards for elk. It is on average 100 fps slower than the 338 and 338-300 ultramags. Back in the 70's I shot it for 1000 yard elk with the 250 sierra game king traveling 3050 fps out of a 28" barrel. Now the 225 nosler AB has about the same BC and I am pushing it 3200 fps out of the same 340 wby. That may be the best combination right now. It gives you flat trajectory and will kill an elk at 1000 yards. Recoil is not as bad with the 225 grain bullets.
Have you tried the 250 NAB, I called them and they said bc was .575, I ran Hornadys calcs and the 250 was within 3" drop at 1000, for 2900 fps w/250, and 2950 w/225. Do you think that sounds realistic. Since Im picking your brain how about a good powder for temp.I always shot 7828 on my fav load
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