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Dec 28, 2007
Im trying to decide between a few different scopes for NRL22, PRS type shooting and some long range playing around.
Im planning on buying used since thats the only way I can justify getting the level of glass I want on a 22
Im wanting a FFP optic with at least 25x on the top end and looking for real positive clicky turrets that track.
Right now Im running an Arken SH4 Gen 2 6-24 and its really not a bad scope... Just want the best I can get for under 2k preferably 1500 or less.
So far back and fourth between a few like a Vortex Razor gen 2, Athlon Cronus btr gen 2, Leupold Mark 5hd, maybe even a Valdada Recon G2
I see a lot of conflicting reviews on all of these especially the Valdada...
Does anyone run any of the above options?
If so what do you lile or not like about it especially if youre using it for NRL22 or some sort of 22lr PRS???
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Have you done any tracking tests on the ones you have? Ive seen a lot of reviews saying they dont track well... Ive always been a Leupold fan, most of my guns have VX-5HD, VX-6, or VX-Rs on them but theyre all 2nd focal plane scopes on hunting rigs that once theyre zeroed I dont really touch the turrets again
I have a VX5HD. Jury is still out on it but the Mark 5HD is in another class in my opinion. No official tracking tests but everytime I hit the range I shoot 100-800 as that's what I'm limited too and they track and return to zero with no issues. I've beat the crap out of one, no issues.
I have the VX6 HD and the VX5 HD 3x15-44. For the money I like the 5 just as good. No issues at all. Don't know if those would be what you'd want for your application. Just saying I haven't had any issues with my Leupolds.
The Athlon Cronus or Delta Stryker HD are great choices, and a few $$$ less than a Mark 5. Never been much of a Leupold or Vortex fan.
Don't know much about the Valdada Recon 2, but I've owned an IOR Recon for years, and I like it better than my S&B PMII's. It is a fantastic scope. The Athlon and Delta are very good, just not in the same class as the Recon or S&B's.
Find a used Razor II for around $1500 with either 2C or 7C reticle and drop it on a 40 MOA base and it will do everything you need for matches. Been running one on my Vudoo for 4.5 years of .22 matches. Won plenty of them.
Haven't even heard of a lot of these scopes before. That's what I like about this forum. I'll will be checking them out for my new light weight hunting rifle. Trying to keep it at 7 1/2 lbs. So weight is considering factor, as is reticle. Iv tried scopes with moa hash marks, but just to busy for me. Like the OP I'm open for suggestions for something in the lines with the VX5HD 3x15-44 Fire dot. Weight wise, and reticle. Never hurts to listen!!!
Again this is strictly a hunting rig. Sight dead on at 200 yards, and dial to 600 if I need too. Not sure, but think my comfortably hunting range will be 600.

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