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Apr 4, 2009
se kansas
i currently have leica geovid 10x42 for my field glass and swaro old slc 10x42 for my truck/ scouting glass. typically i'm using the swaros watching whitetails at 400-800 yards in the last hour of daylight. last year i decided i wanted something higher power to really get a good look at those bucks. i bought a minox 20-45x65 spotter. turns out its not doing the trick. my main complaint is that its just not bright enough in that last hour of daylight and the small field of view. so what should i do now? i was thinking of selling the spotter and the swaros for a set of minox 15x56 binocs. that way i would have less crap in the seat of my truck and some cash back in my pocket. higher power swaros are just too much money to leave sit around in my truck all the time. a bigger better spotter is a lot of $$ too and if i bought one i'd want to keep the swaros b/c i want a set of binocs in the truck but dont want to leave the geovids in my truck. however i am a little afraid of going cheap again and regretting it. any thoughts?
This is my second hunting season with my Minox 15X58 binos, and I will tell you it is a pleasure!!! I really like mine. My hunting buddy has the SLC 7X42 and they are very good, but no match for the 15X Minox. Yes you have TWICE the power but they also cost TWICE as much!! The Lens coatings are different and the focusing is different, but both are world class binos. I can see everything he can see at 500 yds but he can not see much of anything I can see at 1000 yds. The power differences is key. I do remember reading an article of testing somewhere stating the Minox 15X58 was 98% as clear as the 15XSwarvos.That's saying alot considering the cost. I have never looked through the 15X Swarvos, and may be surprised at the 2% difference. Swarvos and Leicas are hard to beat and pay for. Bill Maylor..
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