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Jul 6, 2008
im in the process of having a set of spacemasters put together in one of kevins crams brackets. i was wondering what type of head would be best for least amount of vibration etc.. ive looked at geared heads, video heads, etc. weight with these brackets are a little heavy i hear. i have a suitable tripod,and head. but that tripod usually holds my 25x100mm binos. because i plan to sometimes still use them occasionally , i may end up having to purchase a tripod and head all together. im trying to save some money so if i have to buy a tripod and head i dont mind buying used if condition is up to par.
can someone give me some input on brands that can hold suggested weight . also are the geared heads worth considering because they offer precise movements ? or just go with a video head? i dont mind weight of the tripod because im stationary most of the time. id like but dont need something with dual panning handles. has anyone used the oberwerk 5000 tripod and 5000 head? or do you think the weight of the spacemasters would be to much for that setup? im open to suggestions , and learning a little more knowledge never hurt anyone! thanks for the input and help trying to figure out what way to go, if i missed any info you guys need , please ask.
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