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Dec 6, 2010
Oxford North Carolina
I have a 6mm rifle 24" barrel bolt action thinking of rebarreling this what do you think of 6mm-284 ??? Just thinking right now I have a lot of ideas another 240 Gibbs ?? I need some imput Guys !!:rolleyes:
I you just want a fast shooting 6mm, look at 240 Wby. It responds well to handloads and factory ammo is available.

But, like Ron said, ...long action/magnum bolt face, or single shot.
I have both the 6mm Rem and 6mm/284. I don't really notice much difference between the two out to about 400. Past this the 6mm/284 starts to get noticeably easier to hit with. My 6mm/284 is built on an action that was originally a .243 win and will not feed from the magazine reliably. If I make another 6mm rifle it will be a 6mm Rem Ackley Improved. Probably the best of both worlds.
I have both the 6mmAI & The 6/284 & love them both, 6mmAI 1-12 twist 87grn V-Max @ 3500fps & the 6/284 1-8 twist 107 smk @ just over 3200. Both shoot lights out & both have their specific uses.

If you BEHAVE yourself :D the 6/284 will treat you very well; & if you don't, expect to have your bbl set back pretty dern quickly! I 'ersonally wouldn't recommend the WBY, I am kinda biased when it comes to that so I won't stand on a soap box here. Velocity potental is very close between the two although the 6/284 has a good bit more availability in the brass area.
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