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Mar 29, 2014
Central Utah
Was lucky enough to pick up this cool old rifle. It is a 1950 Winchester Model 70 action with a 26" Shilen barrel and a Canjar trigger chambered in 257 Roberts Improved. The rifle is bedded nicely into a very fancy original stock. The gunsmith work was done in 1979 and it is topped with a BalVar 12x-32x using Bueler rings and bases. Apparently the owner never got around to messing with it because the dies were brand new still and the brass that came with it was unformed 257 Rbts. I fire formed twenty rounds and they all landed in just over an inch. My be this old gun will shoot?---- SS


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Nice rifle! I miss the "character" of those old Model 70's. I still have a few, and they shoot surprisingly well.
mine is a much newer 257 roberts ackley improved but i love the cartridge. it gives 25-06 perfomance in a smaller lighter package. and that is pretty cool old rifle. The model 70 in my opinion is one of the most solid platforms to build a rifle on. thats a pretty good fireforming target mine when i do my fireforming looks like that as well. If you ever want to confer notes on reloading or anything i have a few loads that ive got with a few different bullets. name 115 gr nosler ballistic tip, 115 gr bergers match grade VLD, and 110 gr. nosler accubonds. happy shooting
Congratulations on a great find! I have a 1953 model 70 that's kind of tired. Been thinking about turning it into a custom but haven't been able to bring myself to do it yet as it's all original...........but it's tired........but it's original.:rolleyes:
I don't know if you can count on it shooting well or not. It doesn't have a tactical stock, bipod, fluted bolt and fluted barrel, or a recessed crown and a reshaped bolt handle or muzzle brake and adjustable butt plate. :rolleyes:
Nice rifle there. Enjoy .............
Mountain man,

Not sure what I would do in your shoes. I lucked out and didn't have to make that decision. I do think it's cool that this rifle was done so long ago as it still has the cool old feel. Reminds me of driving a 1960's muscle car. Might be strange to do a modern build on an old M70 action.

Fear no wind,

I have pondered how the barrels of yesteryear compare with what we have now. All I know about this one is that it is a 26" #4 made by Shilen. I'm assuming mid 70's vintage. I have a couple Douglas barrels from the 70's that shoot pretty good. I'm just crossing my fingers that I can make this one shoot......preferably 115 Bergers or 108 JLK's.

Thanks for all the kind words guys. Can't wait to keep shooting!--------SS
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