NP-R2 load integration


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Nov 10, 2001
I put my nightforce on a 338 RUM sendero and am seeking a load that will integrate with the reticle. I think S1 says you need a BC of around .5 with a velocity of around 3350-3400 FPS. I was thinking about the the 185 grain barnes XLC. Has anyone developed a load specifically for this reticle? It seems that you need to shoot a fairly light bullet to obtain the ballistics needed. It would be great to have each 2 MOA mark represent 100 yard hold-over points.
Thanks Brent and S1. I hunt at around 1500 feet. The caliber is 338 RUM so I may have to go with a pretty light bullet to get the trajectory. The 225 accubond sounds great but I'm not sure if the RUM has enough velocity to match the trajectory to the reticle. I think I may be able to get a 225 acconbond going 3150-3200 with my 26" barrel. Is there a NP-R2 integration equation that allows you to plug in BC and velocity?
Thanks S1, I'll try the 210 XLC behind a full chage of RL22 for 3350FPS with BC of .471. The path of the bullet is 18.92" high at 300 with 600 yard zero.
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