Not exactly backpacking gear but...


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Sep 15, 2012
Mojave Desert, Nevada
For horse or car camping a good "camp axe" is nice to have for splitting wood. By camp axe I mean one with a single blade and a 16" to 18" handle. It's not as short as a hatchet so it can be used for minor felling if needed.

If you check axe websites or YouTube videos most will be about Swedish axes like Gransfors or Bruks.

My axe is American made by Council Tool and is called the Wood Craft Pack Axe.
It comes with the 19" handle (measured from the top of the axe head).

It's not much less than the Swedish axes but it's American made and the poll or "hammer" end of the head is hardened so it will not mushroom when pounding a steel stake or splitting wedge. Not all Swedish axes have hardened polls.

Like all good axes, regardless of where they are made, the Wood Craft axe comes with an American ash handle.

Eric B.
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