Nosler Accubond

Gone Ballistic

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Aug 25, 2010
Orofino, Idaho
Wanted feedback on bullet performance. Anybodybused both the Nosler accubond and long range version???? Pics of results?
I have shot my. 300RUM Custom made w/30" stainless Luthor Walther barrel using both, the 200gr Accubond and 210gn Accubond LR. The difference in performance is negligible out to 1200 yds as I have taken one shot kills on five bulls between 982yds &1289yds with little measurable difference in terminal damage. The ballistics using Fed 215M primers and Retumbo gets better with the 210gn Accubond over 1200 yds due to B. C. .I am getting 3308 fps on 200 and 3242fps with 210 Accubond LR

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