Noise Level from a Braked 338 RUM

Travis Scholten

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Aug 22, 2004
Hello everyone,

I am new here and like the looks of the place. I have been monitoring this sight unregistered for a couple of days and you all seem to know alot about issues that I am interested in. I think I will learn alot here.

Let me start with a question. I have a 338 RUM that is braked with a KDF. I have not had the opportunity to get it in front of any elk or bear yet, but hope to soon. One thing I have been thinking about is the noise level. I have a braked 300 Win that makes my ears ring when shooting it in the field (hunting situation) but my ears usually stop ringing after about an hour or so.

Has anyone shot a braked 338 RUM without hearing protection and if so, how bad was it. Is it SIGNIFICANTLY more abusive than a 300 or 7MM braked?

Just curious. The recoil is totally manageable with the brake, but in the back of my mind, I have been wondering about that noise.

Any comments are welcome.


Autumn Pulse
Noise and blast from a 33 RUM with a KDF is going to be bad...
I have a 7mm and a 338 Mag both with KDF's and they leave you ringing pretty good in the field not to mention that nobody wants to be around you at the range. I just bought a Sendero in .300 RUM I'am going to shoot it today for the first time. I am going to try my best to learn to shoot this gun WITH OUT a brake maybe a different butt stock or some thing. A friend of mine has a Sendero in 7mm RUM with a KDF and it rattles your head when it go's off it is very loud!! everybody hate's that rifle at the range! 33 RUM will definlty be a boomer. But then again your looking at like what? 45lb to 48lb of recoil give or take a few lb's. with out it. Good luck
I have a KDF brake on a 300 RUM, it's loud. It's even louder to the people off to the sides. Get a thread protector, and hunt with the brake off if the additional noise is a major concern. The rifle is going to kick a hell of a lot harder w/o it. In a hunting situation adrenaline should kick in and reduce recoil.
There are so many different design now for a brake and with the electronic earmuffs no need to suffer from recoil. A guy can always get a cap for the threads if not wanting to use it when hunting. I had brakes installed for one reason only reduce recoil and I'm sorry if the guy next to me at the range has a problem and I'm not being smart *** when I say that just need to look around will see more and more rifles with brakes on them. I got better hearing protection and it helps me when guys shoot next to me with a brake.

It may not be popular, but you should protect your hearing with or without a brake. A simple foam plug will help a lot. The new electronic muffs will enhance your hearing and then shut off the report of the weapon when it fires. Damage to your hearing is not repairable, I know.

Will the thread protector change the flight path of the bullet at all? I have heard yes and no, what do you guys think. I am a little sketchy to try the gun without the brake at the range. For me personally, that seems like a good recipe for flinchitis.

If it won't affect accuracy, I might go that route.

How much are these electronic earplugs? Has anybody used them with success? Where you would you buy them, Cabela's?


Autumn Pulse
If nothing else use one foam plug in your left ear (if your right handed) this will help alot with the noise but it is no way going to prevent hearing loss
I have a unbraked 338RUM myself, and have used it in the field and shot several animals without any damage to my ears.
I already have a reduced hearing, because of damage during my growing up. (Music, and bang!!)
And for that reason I choose to have no brake on my firearms, and use electronic earmuffs as often as possible.
I've heard a 338 Lapua with brake!!
It is possible POI will change when the brake is off. The only way to tell is to range test with and without, and record data. In the perfect world it should be the same, but I would check it first. My rifles with brakes are only fired with the brakes on.

Frank D
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