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Jan 24, 2010
Hi all iam new to the forum and am looking for some advice on scopes
Ive been shooting 223 for a couple of years. i mostly shoot fox and rabbit and want to try shooting out to longer ranges maybe 500m in day light and 300-400 at night with the spotlamp,so Iam looking for one with an illumanated rectiul for some extra speed at night
Ive been looking at the nightforce5.5-22x50 and the IOR 6-24x50
both these scopes are at the top of my price range so any advice or any other recommendations would be much appreciated
I just sold the exact IOR you're referring to and bought the exact NXS you mention. I did it for two reasons the NXS has more vertical adjustment and there was a rumor going around about the IOR 6-24x50 not holding up on big magnums with a brake. I experienced no problems with my IOR but I didn't want to wait until an issue came up; it was an excellent scope.

My advice would be prices being equal go with the Nightforce; if you come across the IOR more than $200 below the Nightforce get it unless you need 100 moa of elevation. One thing to remember, you get rings and a sun shade with the IOR. Nightforce rings are $152.

I have just recently aquired a few IOR's and I have several Nightforces. Both scopes are awesome. Here is how I see it at this point comparing the IOR 6x24 Tactical and the NXS 5.5x22. I would have to give the IOR a bit of an edge on clarity, but I would give NF a bit of an edge on the turret feel and positive clicks, and the NXS a Huge plus on having more moa of elevation.

Thinking of what you will be doing, night shooting at small targets. I would give the IOR's Illuminated reticle an edge due to it has intensity adjustments right at your fingertips. For sure I am a HUGE fan of the IOR MP-8 dot reticle. I can center the floating dot on a 30 cal bullet hole at 100 yards. I see this reticle as a big plus for your type of hunting, and quick acquisition.

You may want to take a look at the IOR 4-14x50 also, I just got one of these with the 25moa top turret and it is an awesome scope. I think it will be perfect for my 6mm br build for a Long Range prairie dog and antelope rifle.

I don't think you can go wrong with a Nightforce or an IOR. But for sure get a look at the MP-8 dot reticle. I am sitting on too many scopes right now, and I need to sell a few but can't make up my mind what to get rid of.:rolleyes:

Hope this helps.

Jeff gun)gun)
thanks lads Ive been leaning towards the IOR myself.Im going to be in the USA next month so Ill have to look around and see about picking one up
thanks for your help
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