Newbie Puppy Owner Seeks Advise


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Dec 20, 2008
Great Falls, MT

[FONT=&quot]I've never done any dog training whatsoever and the last time I owned a dog was 1979.[/FONT][FONT=&quot]

1. Kennel/crate training. The American Dog Training Network recommends the Crating Duration Guidelines as follows:

9-10 Weeks Approx. 30-60 minutes
11-14 Weeks Approx. 1-3 hours
15-16 Weeks Approx. 3-4 hours
17 + Weeks Approx. 4+ (6 hours maximum)

Two weeks ago we kennel boarded him for a week but was not very happy. He didn't even want to come out his travel crate which he hates. So started kennel training him at home instead.

My family and I completed a week without any kennel accidents. Puppy is only 11 weeks old but already in the 17+ week guideline. Are we pushing him too hard?

2. Obedience training. Local dog trainers recommends at least 18 weeks. The next obedience class is Feb but they are recommending that March might be better for my pup. However, while waiting for the class to start. Here's what I've accomplished thus far:

"Sit" verbal and signal command
"Stay" verbal and signal command
"Come" verbal and signal command
He sits at the patio door if he wants to go out and relieve himself
Scratches patio door when he's ready to return inside.

Am I pushing him too hard?

Perhaps it's the other way around, he got us trained. We are constantly learning his body language. It's over two weeks now since his last accident in house ... in other words we are constantly watching him. :D

Thank you in advance for your advice.

I had a dog that trained me to retrieve ducks. She really enjoyed sitting on the bank watching me wade out to get the ducks. When I would come back with the duck she would grab it and run around proudly showing off what a great hunting dog she was. :D

On the other hand she would not tolerate me retrieving a chukar or pheasant. She believed that was 100% her job
For every month in age puppies generally can hold their bladder 1 hour so if a pups 3 months old then 3 hours. If 4 months old then 4 hours and so on. IMHO you may be stretching it and I'd wait till the 18 weeks.
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