New Winchester Model 70 with detachable magazine?


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Dec 27, 2009
It appears that the new Wincherster Model 70 comes with an internal magazine box plus floor plate.

It there a way to remove the floor plate and make a detachable magazine for this rifle?

I have not seen the new Model 70. If it is the same as the pre-64 Model 70 then it should not be very difficult.

Has anyone looked into this conversion?
Thanks for the tip.

I called CDI (the manufacture) and there is some metal and stock work that needs to be done to install the bottom metal. Furthermore, if you want more room to seat out your .308 family of cartridges in Accuracy International magazines (that work with the bottom metal) you have to remove the internal (tack welded reinforcement strip) from the magazine. This will allow a cartridge OAL of 2.950."
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