New Trophy Bonded Tip Ammo

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    Aug 10, 2010
    I was just wondering what kind of experience anyone has had with the new trophy bonded bullet by Speer. The old trophy bonded bear claw was a great performing bullet, but left a little to be desired in the accuracy department as it is essentially a round nose bullet, well it performs like a round nose in my rifle anyhow. I've heard different things about this new bullet and opinions seem to be extremely good or extremely bad. For example I know a gentleman who said that it performed flawlessly, perfectly expanded and dropped his Red Stag, Fallow Deer, etc. On the flip side a friend of mine recently took these to South Carolina for a velvet whitetail hunt and he killed his buck but said that the bullet expanded minimally. I remember similar claims about the Barnes Triple Shock bullets and this new bullet is similar in construction. I'd also like to hear experiences with the barnes bullets as I've never used them either. So far the drift I'm catching is that these are "well-constructed" bullets and they perform better at higher velocities. If this is the case they should do just fine from my 7mm wsm. Thanks for any input guys.
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