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Oct 7, 2007
I am looking to get a good 22-250 load using 55 grain fmj flat based bullets,does not have to be a"magnum" load
I have AA1680,WW680,AA9
Unless you are wanting a very reduced load those powder are not what what you need. You need a medium burning rate rifle powder. Varget, Reloader 15, IMR4320 type powder to H414/760 type. I use 4320 and 414 with great results.
Good luck
This has been asked hundreds of times on all the reloading boards, and the answers are always the same.

The top three:

Some of the AA powders are supposed to be good, also, but I have not experience with them. There are others.
If you're looking for any kind of accuracy (and I'm assuming you are), forget about the FMJ bullets altogether. Go with a hollowpoint or other hunting type bullet and you'll be far more satisfied with the results.

Definately need to pick up some new powder, too. The advice you've already been offered here is all good. H380, 4064 or a host of others will all do well. The powders you listed are all totally unsuited to this cartridge.
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