New squirrel rifle


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Jun 8, 2016
n e ohio
Got my new rifle the other day. Cz 457 american. Bought it on line. Sure has some nice wood on it. Don't know if i want to take it in the woods. Hope it shoots as good as it looks.
I bought a CZ 452 a coupe years. I have a pretty stock but not that good looking as yours. If I was you I would shoot it "As Is" and check it out. I have worked on the barrel channel 3 times floating the barrel and then the barrel comes in contact with the wood again. Stock is not stiff enough. I am going to work on it a little more in the next month or so.
I have even debated, Either make a stiffer stock, Or when my buddy gets back from Florida I have though and threatened to take that 24 1/2 " barrel chuck it in his lathe cut and recrown the barrel to 21 inches to see if it will take the pressure off the front of the stock and free float the barrel once and for all.
You won the wood lottery. I fon't know if they use a "mud" finish on 457's, but they did on the 455's. Mine looked ok to me at first, and others said it was beautiful. I had to relieve the bolt handle slot and got a glimpse of the wood without the mud finish. I decided right there to strip the whole thing and oil it. I am very glad I did because it is amazing what was hiding under the mud.

The barrel on my 455 is floated and it shoots great. Rimfires don't have too much vibration to worry about. I can fit 13 bills under mine and it looks good with that much clearance.

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