New gun for squirrel hunting.


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May 7, 2020
I started out last yr with my 20ga. Added the mossberg 500 410 TSS turkey gun. Made it into a squirrel gun. This season i added the Tristar G2 Viper 28ga. I have always wanted a 28ga. I bought it just for squirrel hunting. But Walmart keeps a good amount of 28ga ammo. Federal 1oz 6 shot. Winchester 3/4oz 6 shot. And AA 100 ct 7.5 shot packs. Also will try my new mossberg SA 410ga TSS turkey gun. And a new mossberg SA 20ga turkey gun. Arkansas squirrel season opens May 15th thru February 28th. 12 per day limit. Its fun hunting with the sub gauges. Its hard to find squirrel hunting loads. I picked up mec 600 jr mark 5's in 410, 28, and 20ga.
I have loaders in 10 ga,12 ga and 20 gauge. It's always nice to Taylor a load to what your hunting.

Took my 10 gauge duck 1 3/8 oz #3 and goose hunting 1 5/8 of F (ttt) then during the middle of the day went and took pheasants with it( 1 5/8 #4). And it worked just fine.. lugging around a 10 gauge for pheasant is not the most fun,, but beats sitting at home.
The Walmart in Kittanning Pa. does not have any ammo at all for sell . If I were you buy your ammo now . IF I did not have any 20 gauge or 270 shells on hand last hunting season I WOULD NOT BEEN ABLE TO GO TURKEY AND DEER HUNTING,
I have a mec sizemaster 12ga also. Walmart here has a bunch of 12ga 100 ct dove loads. I seen 17 hmr, 22, 22 mag, 6.5 C 270, 30 30, 30 06, 308 in Walmart lately. Slugs buckshot, ton of steel shot. Even seen 410, and 20ga. I just bought a new ruger american 17 hmr. Should be here first of this week. I have a new mossberg SA 20ga turkey gun. Going to carry it haven't hardly shot it. Loaded up some 20ga 1oz 6 shot.
??????? I WONDER how your WALMART has the items you mentioned ???? DICKS SPORTING GOODS , DUNHAMS AND KITTANNING HAS 000000. A couple months ago RURAL KING was out .All they had was maybe 12 boxes of .22 rim fire . IF you can find out what is going on please let me know .
I forgot to mention no shot gun primers shot or powder ,AT least 6 months ago no shot gun shells except 12 gauge 7 1/2 and 8. MY local gun shop maybe going out of business because he can not get any stock .
I went in looking today. Bunch of Winchester 308 150 gr fmj. 350 legends 180gr. Bunch of steel shot 12ga. 12ga and 28ga dove loads. Seeing more and more Remington ammo lately .
I seen the first 300 win mag in Walmart in a long time Friday. Plus they had cci camo 22 rds. 350 legend and 308 ammo too. I bought only 2 boxes 28ga federal game loads 1 oz 6 shot. But they had 7.5 and 8. Bunch of steel shot. Didnt need the 28ga. Only got a few boxes 1 oz loads. Mostly i have are 3/4 loads. Carrying my 28ga this morning squirrel hunting.
This week only seen few 200 ct cci 22 camo ammo cartons. Bunch of 308 fmj. 350 legends few 300 win mag. Bunch of 28ga federal 1 oz game loads and 12 and 20 ga dove loads. Bunch of steel shot. The Walmart i go by is in a small town. Plus not far from Walmart distribution center. And not far from Remington ammo factory.
AT WALMART today . They only had 2 carton 22 l,f ,i box 30-06 . i box 20 ga. #5 shot at $13.95 2 boxes 12 ga. 2 carton 12 ga 7 1/2 you may want to buy ammo now if you can find it at a reasonable price NOT AT DOUBLE LAST YEARS PRICES.