New Remington Steel loads

Greg Duerr

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Mar 25, 2011
Reno, Nevada
Has anyone used the New Remington Sonic velocity steel loads...... I saw that the listed velocity is 1700 fps with 1 1/4 oz loads.....................Sounds like a winner.

I use to load 1 1/8th oz steel loads that has a veloctiy of 1710 and they worked super for ducks.

I also heard that they were coming out with a hyper velocity load for the 20ga.

I've used it for geese. works great early in the season, when birds are "dumb" no lead required to make good hits, BUT it dumps speed FAST !
not to good later when birds want to hang up farther out.
dont do it its trap hyersteel sucks it has a ton of recoil and it doent pattern worth a crap most of the time it only gets 25% or less of the payload to paper at 40yds and seen just about any thing and every thing pettern better than that stuff even the 10 doller a box stuff so i was you i would go out and pattern your gun and see that its doin with the cheap stuff
I found that i can miss with those as well as i can any other load. I didn't kill better or more birds than with regular loads.
If i can find them ill shoot them all day long. But the problem is that no one around where i live knows what to order the right shells for waterfowl. we do a lot of hunting over decoys and 4shot works perfect. the 1700fps does wonders IMO.
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