New IOR's

Jim Maloney

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Oct 16, 2003
Princeton, Ks.
New IOR\'s

IOR has a new 10x56 tactical in stock.
1/4 clicks
100 total MOA
wide angle
long eyerelief

The first of the 6-24x50 35mm tube scopes have come in. All the 6-24's are being converted over to the 35mm tubes. For now it's just the illuminated models but the std. are coming. All 35mm scopes come with rings.

New 3x25 compact coming in July.
accessory rail built in.
built in mounts

9-36x56 35mm tube is now expected in around Nov. 04

New 2-12x32!!! Oct. 04
35mm tube
9 1/2" long
side focus
First IOR scope to be made with a 6x power ratio. (2-12) They say first scope ever made with 6x ratio, I don't know about that.

MP-8 reticules are being modified again. The thick posts top and side are being made to only about half the thickness of the current MP-8 dot model.

Anyway lots of cool stuff coming up. I can't wait for that 2-12x32. I've been told by a couple guys that have looked thru it that is just pales everything else in comparison. It going on my hunting rifle.

Re: New IOR\'s


I don't have many details. I would say it would be second focal plane with the MP-8 dot illuminated to start off with. I don't have any idea on price yet and haven't hand one in my hands to compare with other scopes. I've been told by Val and another dealer that helped at the Shot Show that the optics are second to none. It just pails all the other IOR's. Talk's cheap, I'll make up my own mind when I get one in my hands.

Re: New IOR\'s

Jim, do have details on the 2-12x 32mm? Is the reticle in the 1st or 2nd focal plane? What are reticles are available? Aprox price?

The 42mm on my 2.5-10x illuminated is superior compared to about every 56mm except a buddy's 3-12x Zeiss "V" series mil dot, but how does that 32mm obj compare with the Asian and US scopes with larger glass?


Re: New IOR\'s


Most of their hunting scopes are still first focal plane but about all the tacticals are now second focal plane. Second focal plane scopes are what most people are used to, so that is the direction IOR is turning.

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