new here help with savage striker 270 wsm


Nov 15, 2012
Just bought this striker and could use some advise on best bullet, sighting in and what performance to expect. I will be starting out with factory ammo 130 gr.
Check over at specialty pistols forum. I am sure SOMEONE has a pet load for that 270 WSM.

Careful, they'll also help your AMEX out.

yes it is, in stainless. I just dropped it off today at the gunsmith's for a trigger job. I can't believe a company could put out a pistol with such a crappy trigger. Funny, he had another there he just finished and it has a nice crisp pull now. Besides the trigger, I like shooting the pistol. Hardly any recoil to it at all. I'm just not familiar with the 270 wsm cartridge and am looking for some sighting in help. With the short barrel, I can't find any ballistics info on where to start on a sight in.
With your factory ammo you will lose about 300-400 fps compared to what it will do in a rifle.
Zero at 100 yards, and then go from there.
Take ballistics program and lower the MV 375 fps and then see what your MOA or drop in inches is for different distances.
those 14" barrels are really only 12 due to the brake. kinda sucks in that sense. I had one in 270WSM and rebarrled to 7 WSM
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