New here! Got some questions!

Jerry Myers

Dec 28, 2003
I am looking to get into target shooting and some deer hunting out to about 600 yards with the extreme possibility to 1000 yards. I am trying to figure out a rifle to suit my needs.

The possibilities are.....

1.) I have a Weatherby Vanguard in 300 Wby that I am considering having a heavy barrel installed, an after market trigger and a new stock.

2.)Purchace a Savage 12BVSS in 300 WSM.


3.)Purchace a heavy barreled rifle in 308 Win like a Remington VLS or a Savage 10FP-LE2.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Let me first start by saying welcome aboard!

Any of your sugestions will do the job.

The 300 WBY is a great round and w/a good bbl it can work miricles.

The 300 WSM is also a great 1k performer and can be very accurate.

The 308 might be a little weak at 1k on deer, but w/the right bbl, bullets and shot placement, the 308 can work that far. This would be your most inherently accurate case vs the 300 WBY or WSM. However, the others will offer less wind drift and more punch when you do connect.

Anybody who knows me knows I am a 308 finatic. They are cheap enough to operate and easy on barrels, you can afford to go out and get "married" to it and be VERY lethal, even between 600-1000 yards on medium game. They dont kick hard, have less muzzle blast and are very accurate. Savage also makes a 10FP tactical rig w/a 26" tube in a McMillan A2 stock for around 800 bucks!

I have ruled out the Weatherby option. I am stuck between the 308 and the 300 WSM though. Any suggestions on a tactical scope in the lower price range to start with?
My vote goes to the 308 also , very accurate and lots of good factory ammo for it.
as far as the gun I'd pick the Savage , so when your ready to get more horsepower its cheap and easy to convert it to the 300WSM
and Savages are known for good accuracy
go with the savage 12bvss in .308 their very accurate mine does around 1/2 moa up to 500 yards, you can load them with 125 bt and make a mess outa varmints and go up to 168 for deer and targets. The gun fits nice, looks nice, and cost around 500.

good shootin,
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