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Dec 3, 2015
I am trying to get into long range shooting and I need help. I want to get the Remington 700 sps varmit and turn it into a long range rifle and slowly upgrade things like triger and barrel. But I need a scope first... I will be shooting out to 700 yds for the first while tell I get better at it, and I dont realy want to spend much over $800, I want it to be mil/mil unless there is something better. So thanks alot I am just a new guy so please help me.

Thanks Anthony
Look in the sale section under optics and look for a Vortex PST or a VX3 6.5-20x50 LR. YOu can usually find them cheaper than buying new and they are still in very good shape. If you get a Leupold, if it doesn't have turrets on it when you buy it then I would get them on there. Makes dialing for elevation and windage a lot easier.
Will be hunting with it deer coyotes(longrange) and moose elk. It will be on a .243 and possible sometime in the futer I will reload hopefully after I get my gun. But I will be doing a lot of paper punching out to 1000yd.

Anthony - when you say deer and coyotes . ok, .243 . when you add elk and moose I would suggest something bigger.
Anthony - when you say deer and coyotes . ok, .243 . when you add elk and moose I would suggest something bigger.

Yes I said moose and elk but that was just examples so real it will be a lot of paper punching and then coyotes and deer. My dream would be to get a .338 later on in life but I decided I would see if I like this whole long range thing with a gun that I can use were I live:)

Here's a good example of a Rem700 SPS Varmint that has been steadily upgraded. read the thread all the way to the end and you will see it transform into a full-blown custom rifle.

As for an optic, a mil/mil scope will work nicely for you in most situations. the only place where it is a disadvantage is when the distances get long and the targets are small. That's where a tenth mil might be too coarse. I'm sure plenty on this forum will provide you with good advice on an optic that will fit your budget.
K thanks I ll keep looking and asking questions!! LOL Does anybody have experience with the MDT chassis??

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