New Attaching Screw for Harris Bi-Pod Users


Jun 4, 2001
I first what say that I saw an earlier posting about the adjusting lever from Sinclair and fastening screw from Brownells for the Harris Bi-Pods on the Go Go Varmint Message Board. The fastening screw with a larger knob on the end is just what I am looking for, just did not know it until seeing one. The machined screw that Brownells is offering just started me thinking about a screw with a larger knob and how handy it would be. So I made one using a plastic drawer knob and a small piece of threaded rod. Screwed and epoxyed the threaded rod to the black plastic knob. Need a full inch of thread showing. I had to turn the base of the knob down a little using a file and drill press. If I had an inch and one half of thread showing the knob base would not have been in the way. Works great and even looks okay. After posting this great little invention, someone mention that a thumb screw also works great and some others just epoxyed a penny on the end of the Harris screw.




Picture of Screw from Brownell’s

Picture of tilt tension adjusting lever from Sinclair International
Hey Larry,

Hows it going? I just made one of those knobs the other day. Not a pretty as yours but functional. I am looking forward to the silhouette match on Sept 7-8. See you at Camp Grayling.

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