Nesika .270WSM


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Feb 26, 2003
Pueblo, CO
Guys, i got a friend that just had one built with a 26" Shilen for long-range (out to 1000) coyotes. He's got all the Bal. Tips (130,140,150). Any suggestions for starting loads (especially with some of the temp. insensitive powders, i.e. Hodgdon Extreme, Vihta. Vuor., etc.)??
Whell , My 270 WSM likes 56.5 grains of IMR4350 with Fed primers usin 135G SMK's. 58 Grains of IMR4350 with fed primers and 130g Noslers. Best way to find out is load up 5 of each load and go tot the range and practuse, Take a note book and write down which load shot the best. I have yet to try any other powder's BUT theres always this year to experiment.
Good Luck
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