Need some ideas for my XP


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Apr 5, 2008
Central ND
Sorry guys but my creativity has took a vacation. I don't really know which direction to go with this build. Could you guys give me some help? I have a 260 XP100r for the base platform. I am kinda out of my element.

Sorry, I would be looking at a varmint/deer/fun shooter max 600yds. I am after something to get my feet wet. Stock, rings, bases, and extended eye relief scope are what I am after so I can go out and shoot to see if I even like it.

I am left handed and the thumbridge on the stock had to be flatten so I can shoot it. I have to refinish the factory mcmillan stock. Are they worth keeping or should I just upgrade right away?

I want to invest in good quality components right away that I won't grow out of after my ability grows. Worst case if it isn't for me someone here will get a good pistol for a good price.

I like the 6.5x284 and the 7mm's. A 284 or 280ai would be awesome with a 17-18" barrel and 168 bergers or 162amax. I just got a lee six style stock made by Joel Russo today and I really like it! I run a 7wsm and can push a 168gr bullet over 2800fps. I'm very comfortable out past 600 with it.
I just got a lee six style stock made by Joel Russo today

PICTURES man. I've got the same stock on my Striker, it is sweet.


I think the 260 would be fine out to 600, maybe a little anemic for deer on the far end but fine with good placement.

I don't know what to say on scopes, I put a Burris 3x12 on mine because I have no brake and it comes straight back about 3 - 4 inches when fired. Some folks, especially those with brakes, shoot regular rifle scopes and seem to like it. Just seems to me that would take a little getting used to.

Thank guys, will the 6.5X284 be able to be a repeater or single shot? BB, the 20 barrel sound pretty tempting.

"I am after something to get my feet wet." "so I can go out and shoot to see if I even like it."

Howdy , These guys as always give excellent advice ...But ...I take it that you are very new to all this ..
You mentioned you have a 260 Rem in a XP100r .I'd suggest to you , to see if the gun will shoot good groups at 100 yds .I'd have someone sweeten up the trigger , load the lighter bullets , and play some before spending a bunch of money . The 260 is a very good cartridge , and will shoot way out there .
Just my 2 cents
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