Need load for .300 win. mag Laredo....


Oct 19, 2002
Washington State
RL22,165 gr. Barnes XBT, Federal #215, Winchester cases (flash holes deburred, primer pockets uniformed, cut to length & deburred). Leaving in a MUCH appreciated!!!!!!
I have not shot the 165gr. "X"'s but, I have shot 150-168gr. "X"'s, in my .300WM.

Try 78.5gr. RL22 with that bullet.
Also got good results with:
IMR4831 and H4350 with the 150-168gr.

The RL22 will give you the best velosity though.
That RL22 load with a 168gr. XLC went 3125 fps. About 100fps faster than the other 2 I mentioned. Email me if you need some more loads for hunting. I got a bunch!!..sakofan..

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