Need Help! Which scope to get?


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Feb 17, 2006
I was looking at getting a VX-III 4.5x14x50mm 30mm tube adding target turrets and adding a different reticle. Does anybody have suggestions of other brands and/or models that I might want to look into. Like many I want to keep the cost down as much as possible.

Thanks in advance for your help.
Nikon has one with similar specs for cheaper. That being said, ALL of my late model rifles have Leupolds on them. I've never had one fail, even after abuse. To me the 4.5-14 is the perfect functional magnification. The rest is purely personal preference. Go look thru as many as you can and buy what you think will work best for the type shooting you do- deer hunters like the b&c, varmint hunters like the varmint one.

I got a chance to look at their new catalog today, you can get one anodized in red or lime green! I want one in pink with a string hanging off the back end!
If your willing to spend the money, I strongly suggest you buy a Nightforce NXS 3.5x15x56mm or 5.5x22x56mm. You can also get these same scopes with a 50mm OBJ. Nightforce Scopes, in my opinion, are the best scopes out there. If you get a NF, your going to love it. These scopes will run any from $1,300 to $1,600 depending on which one you choose. I own three NF NXS Scopes, I will never buy any other scope. Good luck, Wildcat
I was looking at getting a VX-III 4.5x14x50mm 30mm tube adding target turrets and adding a different reticle.

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I was planning on doing exactly that to my VX-III 4.5x14x50mm 30mm tube. I changed my mind for many reasons, but had I done it I would have had a bunch of money tied up in that scope. For less than that amount, I got an IOR with the stuff I wanted already and much better glass. The Leupold will hit ebay soon. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif

"I was looking at getting a VX-III 4.5x14x50mm 30mm tube adding target turrets and adding a different reticle."

I had been considering the same thing. I had heard great things about the Nikon Tactical and a local dealer made me a great deal on one. I bought the 4-16 and love it.

Just my .02

its almost cheaper to just buy a scope with turrets and the reticle you want already. example is this. my buddy bought the vx2, 4-12x40. he then wanted target knobs. he ended up paying more for the 4-12, then he would have the 6-18. Not that power has much to do with it, but im sure leupold has a scope that has turrets on the 4.5-14 already, and would probly have the reticle youd like. theres nothing wrong with leupold. people that have them love them, people that have nightforce seem to love them to. some say nightforce glass is not worth the extra 400 bux, i dont really know. the nightforces are just a lot bulkier and heavier in my opinion. if you got the leupold MK4, they are built every bit as tough, and appear to be every bit as clear as a nightforce. every scope on our big game rifles a leupold sits atop, which is upwards of 15 scopes, between my dad and I.
check out the ior line i have a 2-12x32 35mm tube and can not say enough about how great this scope is. cheaper than alot of other tactical scopes and flat out better. USAOPTICS.NET has the full line and has them in stock when alot of others dont. they are very helpful and very friendly.
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