Need advice for <$500 scope.


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Mar 2, 2012
I am looking for scopes that will fit these criteria

At least 75 MOA adjustment
High end of magnification at 20-24 while low end 5-8
Repeatable clicks in MOA with a MOA reticle
I dont want the crosshairs to get larger as i increase power, im not sure if this is sfp or ffp.
Preferably less than $500
Have good glass
30mm tube.
Target turrets

I was considering the 6-24x56 hawke sidewinder but it only has 62 MOA of elevation. Any suggestions?

Can i buy these and put them on a leupold without target turrets?
tall order...

But if you could do without all that adjustment travel and could stand a duplex reticle (maybe put the scope on a slanted base, or use Burris Signature rings and offset inserts)... then the Weaver Grand Slam would work. Very repeatable on the turrets... decent glass...

The good thing about mounting a 50 MOA limited scope on a slanted base is you can often get it to work out where you can't dial a rev under your 100 yard zero.

here's a post I did on the Weaver Grand Slam, and how to set it up for long range some time back...
Not asking much are we!! The closest optic I have is a Vortex HS LR but it tops out at 16 power, which I find fine for a lot of yardage personally.
i will look for one here then, with 65 usable moa (leaving 5 moa at each end) and the 10 MOA in the reticle i would be able to stretch the 284 win with 195 grain berger out to atleast a mile on 24x! With it at 6x and 40 moa in reticle i would be able to stretch it out to at least 2070 yards!
You should reconsider the Hawke scope. All the Hawke Sidewinders I've evaluated had their reticles vertically offset by about 5 MOA. That is, there was 5 MOA more up adjustment, and 5 MOA less down, from the the optical center. You can expect the Hawke to have at least 36 MOA up adjustment, which is equivalent to at least 72 MOA of total adjustment on most other scopes.

The Sidewinders I've evaluated have had very good contrast, especially in the 20-24X magnification range.
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Our leupold mark 4 only counts one direction for windage and I don't find it much of a hassle as I tell the correction in clicks.
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