Need a single stage press..


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Nov 26, 2009
Had considered buying a RCBS Rock Chucker, right until I found they are now made of pot metal, no longer cast iron. Are there any good presses available or am I gonna have to start beating the bushes for a used older model? Brand doesn't bother me in the least as long as its a goodun'
Hmmmmmm, I don't understand.......Potmetal.........???

I bought a Rockchucker Supreme a couple of months back. It weighs a ton. I bought it for a bullet swaging project I was working on. It sure seems sturdy to me. Its only problem is that it doesn't have the leverage necessary for reducing bullets.

It is said that it will stand 40,000 pounds pressure, whatever that means.:rolleyes:
Perhaps I heard wrong? Was told they are now cast aluminum,zinc or some other-not cast iron anymore?
I like my Forster Co-Ax. I've reloaded up to 7 mag with it and as small as 9mm pistol. Sometimes I don't feel like setting up the Dillon XL650 for a small batch of pistol rounds so I just single load them.

Forster dies are very good. Don't buy them or the press from Forster. I found out that Sinclair has better pricing on Forster stuff than Forster does. Go figure...
+1 on Sinclair. Check out the Reddings as well. I use the Redding Ultramag and love press frame deflection.
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